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Adults Assessment Groups

2020​ - Term 4

Designed for intermediate to advanced students

Adults Ballet Assessment 2017 Term 3

Adults Ballet Assessment 2017 Term 3

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Past Assessors: 

Ako Kondo

Alice Topp 

Amber Scott

Chengwu Guo

Ty King-Wall

Paul Knobloch

Amy Harris

Bradley Chatfield 

This program is designed for intermediate to advanced students. It is a great way to gauge from current Industry professionals, who are at the top of their game, what they feel you are doing well and what needs particular attention.
You will not be given a grade, however, you will be given a detailed, individualised report reviewing your barre work, centre and allegro with your past dance history taken into consideration.

We will have a dedicated class during term 4 for the students wishing to do this assessment - held on Friday night 7-8:30pm (please see timetable underneath), only students who are doing the assessment will be in this class. It is advised that you attend all, or as many of these classes as possible, to gain the most from this process.


Wednesday nights open class 7-8:30pm will remain Open but the assessment work will also be taught during this time. Elements may appear in other classes during the week, however, will not be the priority.


The assessment will run in a traditional way, as ‘Exams’ or ‘Assessments’ are run in other professional institutions (generally for children.)

There will be a full panel of assessors; dancers will wear uniforms and numbers and will perform their class work in assessment conditions with correct etiquette and traditions being upheld.


Cost $375
This covers all 10 Friday Classes during the term and the Saturday Assessment 
Examiners fees
Report, Certificate, and Photo with the examiners.
No correspondence with the assessors will be allowed following the assessment

Dates: Term 4 2020 (10 weeks) 

The Assessment will be held on Saturday 19th September. 

All classes will be held at Koonung Hall 

Assessment will be held at Deepdene Hall

Uniforms will be purchased at Dancers own cost Ladies:
Black leotard
Black ballet skirt

Pink ballet tights Flat pink ballet shoes

White Tee Shirt
Black tights
Black or white ballet shoes.


Audlts Ballet assessment 2018 Term 1

Audlts Ballet assessment 2018 Term 1

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