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Adults Pointe 


The desire to appear sylph-like demanded the creation of Pointe technique and the Pointe shoe.  Extensive training and practice are required to develop the strength, technique and artistry needed to dance en pointe.

Adults Pointe classes at Melbourne Institute of Dance are delivered as a structured course for classical dancers with a solid foundation in their technique.


A minimum Level 3 standard of adult ballet is required. As well as being cleared from a physiotherapist's pre-pointe assessment. (Please contact us for more information regarding pre-pointe assessments by recommended physiotherapists)


These term-long courses will teach

-       Essential foot care and strengthening techniques

-       Pointe shoe understanding

-     Warm-up techniques

-       Barre work and centre work (where safe and possible)

Each class will develop and progress from the one prior, so attending all classes is requested.


Class structure

-       A ballet barre in flat shoes to warm the dancer up (approximately 30-45mins)

-       Pointe work and related activities (approximately 45min)


Course Dates & Times: Mondays 7:30pm - 9pm

At Koonung Heights Uniting Church Hall 

In term 1, 2024


Teacher: Dr Linda Sastradipradja



Acceptance into the Pointe Work Structured Course is by application only.

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle
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