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Adults Programme 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear? 

 Dress and grooming are important components of dance, and allow for a beautiful aesthetic 


Ballet:  We suggest for all ballet classes, canvas split-sole flats

           Colour for ladies: Pink or Tan

           Colour for men: Black, white or Tan

Contemporary Dance: We suggest bare feet or socks or dance foot thongs


You are going to get moving, hot and sweaty, so we suggest active wear. If you would like to go more traditional: 

Ladies: Leotard, tights and flat split-sole canvas ballet shoes, 

Men: fitted t-shirt or singlet, men's dance tights, dance support and flat split-sole canvas ballet shoes

Warm up wear: Please keep warm before and after class. An active wear style of tracksuit is always a great idea to wear to warm up in.  


We recommend long hair worn neatly in a bun, so it is off the face and eyes as it will make pirouettes so much easier 

- For the comfort of all, students are reminded to take proper care of their personal hygiene - 

What should I bring to class?

 We suggest: 

- Water in a plastic bottle, to keep hydrated

- A hand towel to wipe away the sweat 

Please bring all personal belongings into the studio and place them at the side.

Melbourne Institute of Dance will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen belongings. 

What if I'm running late to class? 

Generally students will not be admitted into class if they are more than 15 minutes late. This is to ensure proper warm-up, in order to reduce injuries.

In adverse situations, management reserves the right to refuse entry onto the premises or into class. 

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