Live-streaming Interactive

Children's Ballet Classes

From your own home

Term 4 - 28th Sep till 6th Dec 2020

In order to say fit, active and create art during this time of physical isolation, Melbourne Institute of Dance will be offering live-streaming interactive Ballet classes over the Internet. These will be once per week in your class levels to keep a sense of community; self-motivated training and the joy of dance alive in us all.


Class Info:

These classes will be live and interactive Ballet classes from your own home. They will consist of a ballet barre and a few centre exercises similar to what you would experience in any of our Ballet classes at MIoD locations. Altered to fit into smaller spaces.


Class Times

- Pre 1 and 2    - Thursday 4-4:45pm

- Pre 3        –   Wednesday 4-4:45pm

- Junior        –     Thursday 4-5pm

- Intermediate -  Tuesday 4:30-6pm

- Elementary –    Wednesday 4:30-6pm

- Senior        -     Thursday 5:15-6:15pm

- Elementrary and Sr Contemporary - Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm 


Cost (per hour):

These classes will be at a discounted rate of $10 per hour lesson,

And charged as a term 3  fee of $100 or pro-rata.


Extra Classes

            We will also be offering extra lessons in either Private or small groups via Zoom, where times are available, catering for students wanting more than one class a week.

This also may be in another style – Character, Contemporary, Pointe or solo work. If your class is already learning these styles.

1 person - $70 per hour

2 person lesson - $40 each per hour

3&4 person lesson - $25 each per hour



What do you need?

- A quiet room where you will not get interrupted for the hour lesson     

- At least 2mx2m of clear space, with no obstructions and a flat secure surface.

- A sturdy chair or ballet barre

- A Computer, Phone or Tablet with video and sound capability with good internet connectivity.

-  Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app to your phone or tablet or computer, It is free on all devices, download from -

-  after you have booked in and been confirmed (see below) Wait for an email to invite you into the meeting room. Then follow the prompts



How to book:

Please fill in the online form

- Remember if you would like extra lessons outside your normal class please, state the day of week and time that best works for you: (the more options you have the better especially if you would like a group class)

- An invoice will be sent out once confirmed. Please pay this prior to your lesson starting.


If you have any questions please contact us anytime


Stay safe and keep your hearts dancing


Whilst all due care will be given; as each location not being set up by MIoD any injury or accents incurred will not be the responsibility of MIoD. By agreeing to join these classes you agree not to hold MIoD liable of any injury or accidents that may occur.