This programme is designed for adults 16-80 years of age who have a desire to dance.


Ballet, Character and Contemporary dance are both great ways to keep fit, express yourself and move to beautiful music in a structured way. 


If you have never danced before, or are a seasoned professional, we have a class for you.


You may attend a single drop-in class, or to get the most out of each programme we suggest attending on a regular basis. 


We ask all adult students to enrol online to save time when they attend their first class. 

Payment can be made at your first class in Cash, Credit Card or Direct Deposit. 

If you have any questions please contact us anytime. As we look forward to dancing with you soon. 



Adults Beginners 


Level 1

Set a solid foundation.
1.25 to 1.5 hour class

Designed for adults who are just starting out or returning to dance.  

We will slowly take you through the basic elements of a full ballet class, in a fun and friendly environment. 

Adults  Ballet 

Level 2 

Bridge the gap between beginners and open class   
1.5 hour class

Designed for adults who feel comfortable with the beginner's classes, 

and would like to explore what our open classes have to offer in slower and more methodical way.   


We recommend having a good basic understanding of our beginner's ballet first. 


Adults Open Ballet

Level 3

Push your technique and artistry further.
1.5 hour class

These classes are fresh and new each week, and require basic knowledge of ballet.


We recommend one year prior experience or taking our beginners and Intermediate classes first.

Adults Character Dance  

Explore the world of Dance.
1.5 hour class

Designed to explore different cultures, Character dance is a specific subdivision of classical dance. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or nation dance, mostly from European countries, and uses movements and music that have been adapted for the theatre. Character dance is integral to most classical ballet repertoire and can be seen in all of the great full-length ballets. Danced usually in heeled shoes, these classes will start at the barre similar to a ballet class and finish in the centre where traditional dancers will be learnt. We recommend one-year prior experience or taking our beginners ballet programme first.


Adults Contemporary 


Expand the way you move. 
1 hour class

Contemporary dance draws on many styles, getting you moving in ways you have only dreamed. 

It adopts concepts from techniques such as Graham, Cunningham, Horton and Alexander Technique, and blends them with current dance trends. Once we know the rules, we are able to ‘break’ / ‘morph’ them, to create a greater vocabulary that extends our range of movement, quality and artistry. 

We recommend at least one year prior experience or taking our beginners Ballet programme first.